Flights of Fancy White Dove Releases

White Dove Releases make every occasion more memorable

Flights of Fancy White Dove Releases

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            Flights  of  Fancy   

    White Dove Releases 

 Proudly providing truly awesome live dove releases from the West Florida Panhandle, to the Alabama Wiregrass   

      Flights of Fancy White Dove Releases  provides that perfect touch to  make any event absolutely memorable. The white dove has been a symbol of purity, faithfulness, hope, and redemption throughout the ages. There is nothing more meaningful or moving than the sight of these extraordinarily beautiful birds elegantly rising in a gentle spiral before majestically soaring heavenward.  

We offer a number of exciting packages perfectly suited for any occasion; to express the spiritual union of two bonded souls;  to mark a new birth or a rebirth; to celebrate special anniversaries and historical events; or to reflect eternal faith in Salvation as the passing of a loved one is honored and their memory joyously celebrated.   But don't forget, Flights of Fancy White Dove Releases are also a wonderful way to celebrate a graduation, a birthday, a housewarming, to provide a focal point for a team building exercise, to make a marriage proposal especially romantic,  to celebrate a promotion or retirement, to mark a Grand Opening,  to open a sporting event, to commence a political rally, or launch a new product. Essentially any event or special occasion will be made more exciting by incorporating a specially programmed white dove release.

Flights of Fancy White Dove Releases is proud to provide the finest quality, pure white stock of genetically proven birds for our release services  thereby guaranteeing the greatest possibility of a successful release and the safe return of our birds to the security of their well tended lofts. Please click onto the About Us tab to learn more. Our birds are very precious to us and therefore their safety and well-being are paramount in all that we do.  We are dedicated to this same level of care in every aspect of our service for you as well to ensure that we make the absolute finest contribution possible to the overall success of your event 


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Unfortunately we can not "hold" any dates without a deposit.We schedule our events based on a first come - first served basis once an agreement for services is officially confirmed.

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  R. deVoll Fisher

  Tele: 850-834-2007


  Snail Mail: 642 Windy Hill Road, Laurel Hill, Florida 32567




 Please Read!

We here at  Flights Of Fancy White Dove Releases adhere to the highest standards of Professionalism in our service to our clients, and in our care and concern for the safety of our birds. Therefore, we absolutely will NOT provide our birds for a release without a qualified, trained release coordinator present. Nor do we engage in the dangerous and often deadly practice of shipping birds for a release without a trained release coordinator. These extremely dangerous and highly unprofessional practices are eschewed by every professional release organization, animal welfare group, and reputable white dove release provider across the country. For the safety of the birds involved as well as the safety and well-being of  yourself and your guests: we urge you to consider the dangerous possibilities of these highly questionable practices and ask that you do not patronize any service provider that engages in these highly disreputable services!

To ensure the safety of our doves and the success of your event, we will conduct a dove release only under optimal conditions using proven flight trained birds within the perimeters of their training and physical conditioning. What this means is that flight distance, time of day, and weather conditions all play an important part in making a dove release successful.  Presently our service area is approximately within a 100 mile radius of  Paxton, Florida, located in north Walton County in the Florida panhandle. This includes an area north from Andalusia, Alabama; south to the Gulf coast; east to Panama City Beach; west to Pensacola and this general area. Towns such as Florala, Opp, Samson, Geneva, and Dothan in  Alabama - Laurel Hill, Crestview, DeFuniak Springs, Bonifay, Niceville/Val-p, Freeport/ Portland, Ft. Walton Beach, Destin, the Hwy 30-A corridor, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Holt, Milton, and the surrounding areas are all included in our service areas.  Please call if you have any concerns, but if you're within 100 miles of the City of Paxton, Fla. in Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and some parts of Bay and Escambia counties in Florida and adjacent counties in Alabama we can most likely service your event. Please refer to the Terms and Contract  page for more information.  

Feel free to ask any questions or  make any  requests that you may have. 

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 I am so proud and honored to be a member of the Professional White Dove Release Association and of the White Dove Directory.  Please click onto the links highlighted below if you are searching for a white dove release provider outside my service area:   Professional White Dove Release Association and the White Dove Directory And for anyone seeking the very best white dove release provider in the greater Atlanta Area please visit my friends Charlie and Nancy Cole at 

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